Monday, 15 October 2012

Hov Pod Hovercraft

Considering a Hovercraft?

Hov Pod Hovercraft
Hovercraft are becoming increasingly popular for leisure and rental applications - if unfamiliar with hovercraft terminology please request a free guide so we can explain the sort of things you should consider. 

Hovercraft are great fun, you can glide from land to water and back to land without getting your feet wet (provided you choose the right type)

Hovercraft are weight dependent vehicles and to choose the right model to suit how you wish to use, you should decide whether you wish to buy a racing type hovercraft or one designed specifically for leisure cruising. Race hovercraft go fast but are not so good over water, they are not very durable, and sometimes designers scrimp a little on safety by leaving essential features like front and rear fan guards off to tweak more air through the duct to get more power out. We like our customers so don't scrimp on safety.

Race hovercraft usually have under-powered cheaper engines that are up-rated - this invalidates manufacturer's warranty. If you plan to use your hovercraft over water, you need more powerful engines (with warranty) to provide power in reserve to enable you to "get over hump" (as opposed to "get the hump" if you have to call out the emergency services to tow you back to shore).

Leisure hovercraft should have front and rear fan guards, full engine warranty (so engines should be unmodified, not up-rated). Hover craft skirts should be segmented, and not wear out after a few weeks. (We fit nylon / polyurethane, having rejected Hypalon and Neoprene coated nylon) 

Assuming you want your hovercraft to stand up to punishment when going over hard surfaces like slipways, steer away from trees and glass fibre - we manufacture the Hov Pod from High Density Polyethylene - HDPE may cost a little more but it lasts longer and you wont have to go to night school to learn how to do glass fibre repairs. 

To go the extra mile, we design our hovercraft with Computer Aided Design, and allow CNC robots to manufacture the engineering parts to a finer tolerance than possible by hand. 

Request our Hovercraft Guide to be aware of things to consider before buying a Hovercraft.

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