Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hovercraft Cabin for Winter Use

Hovercraft for Winter Use

Hovercraft Winter Cabin
We have added a cabin option for the Hov Pod Hovercraft to protect driver and passengers from the cold.

Hovercraft can travel over any flat surface, so if you wish to access your winter cabin and fear that your snow mobile might be too heavy for the ice, hovercraft provide all round use, true all-terrain vehicle so a bit like having a boat, Jet-Ski, Kayak and ATV rolled into one – sell your other toys to make room for a Hov Pod!

Hovercraft Winter Cabin
The Hov Pod is constructed from strong durable HDPE, so far stronger that glass fibre hovercraft. We fit segmented polyurethane / nylon weave skirts because the skirt materials other suppliers use, Hypalon and Neoprene coated nylon, tears too easily.

I have added a picture of the winter cabin to our FaceBook page at and at

Let me know if you need a quote or demonstration.

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